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Scanner; import java. Formatter; import java.

Handler; import java. Level; import java. LogRecord; import java. Logger; import java. Pattern; import org. HttpEntity; import org.

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HttpResponse; import org. NameValuePair; import org. CookieStore; import org. HttpClient; import org. HttpGet; import org.

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ClientContext; import org. URIUtils; import org. URLEncodedUtils; import org. BasicCookieStore; import org. DefaultHttpClient; import org.

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BasicNameValuePair; import org. BasicHttpContext; import org. Extract from http: ALL ; for Handler handler: Stepphen can you write detailed links regarding the needed library? It is download video but not full of video.

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For example video is 4 mb. This code downloads kb. Sorry to say but It might be old code, It is not working now. I know i am answering late. But this code may useful for some one. So i am attaching it here. Use the following java code to download the videos from YouTube. URL; import com. Manindar Manindar 9 Sorry to say but It downloading vedio, audio seperately as two files. So, now that you have proxied your JS file, and used the function to scramble the signature, you can use that in the querystring to download a video. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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  8. FileOutputStream; import java. IOException; import java.

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    InputStream; import java. InputStreamReader; import java. HttpURLConnection; import java. MalformedURLException; import java. URL; import java. Enumeration; import java. Vector; import android. Activity; import android. ProgressDialog; import android. Uri; import android. AsyncTask; import android. Bundle; import android. Log; import android. MediaController; import android.

    URLDecode tmpstr. Hii can you share how you solve this? Fast and clean UI You can play and share video in application.

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