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If you discharge the phone completely, and then attempt to re-charge, occasionally the phone will go into an endless boot loop, where it powers on, starts WP7, detects that the battery is below its power-off threshold, and shut down. Then the cycle repeats.

Battery Life and Charging - Nokia Lumia Review - Nokia's Brave New Foray into WP7

It takes a few attempts and getting the phone into the right pre-boot environment for this to work properly. Plugged in but not drawing any current - Unplugging and replugging eventually gets the Lumia to charge correctly and draw W. The latest update for the Lumia as of this writing is In here you can see the real battery status, charge capacity, and even the instantaneous current draw no doubt as reported by the PMIC. So the normal corners of our battery life testing are how long the phone lasts while loading pages over 3G and WiFi, and then call time.

Page load tests take place with the display set at nits, though on WP7 the only display options are Low, Medium, and High we selected Medium.

Extend battery life

Having an AMOLED display in conjunction with our primarily white background webpages from the page loading suite definitely makes an impact. I noticed some other subtle behavior while testing the Lumia A new feature in WP7. In this menu you can also view battery percentage and some estimates of battery life remaining based on historical use. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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You have two options here, either to automatically adjust brightness or to set the preferred brightness level manually. Naturally the brighter the display, the greater the impact on your battery charge. In addition, you can change the background colour to save battery life.

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For LCD devices, choose the light background to reduce the load on the battery. With the upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Now you can finally manage your notifications on Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 800- Tips and Tricks

As such, you can easily disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi by tapping the relevant buttons. You should also open the manage screen under Wi-Fi to disable the two options Automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots provided by my mobile operator and Send information about Wi-Fi connections to help discover nearby Wi-Fi , which help to reduce battery use without affecting your Windows Phone experience too much.

Note that disabling this option will reduce the effectiveness of certain apps. Hold the back button and scroll through the list of open apps, tapping the X in the top right corner to close. This is particularly important for apps that require a greater number of resources, such as games and videos. You should also remember to close apps when you have finished using them.

Tips & Tricks NOKIA Lumia 800

This is usually done by tapping the back button until you return to the Start screen, although some apps mostly games have an exit option in the menu. Is it a camera? Read More has been upgraded in Windows Phone 8. Glance is essentially a lock screen feature, one that displays information in a selection of colours suitable for use in low light and is intended for use at night.

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The Glance screen options can be adjusted to save battery, with peek offering the minimal impact.