Otterbox iphone 5 defender case instructions

Flip the iPad over so that you're looking at the back. You'll be removing the panels from the back of the case. Slide the dock panel from the bottom half. This panel will slide off about an inch below the Apple logo. Pull up on the circle around the top of the Apple logo. This circle is the latch that keeps the two pieces of the case together. While pulling the circle up, remove the top half of the case off of the iPad. The case is split into two halves, and pulling the circle up releases the top half, allowing you to remove it. Remove the iPad from the bottom half.

You can now pull the iPad out of the bottom half of the case. Connect the two halves if you want to store them. Method 3.

OtterBox for Apple: Case Instructions

Start at the top of the device. You'll have the easiest time removing the plastic part of the case if you work from the top of the device. Pull the top plastic up and off the rubber.

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You may have to lift a bit to get the plastic over any Power buttons. When you lift the plastic top off, the rest of the case should come off easily. Push the rubber casing off one of the corners with your thumb. Starting from the corner is the easiest way to begin removing the rubber. The seal will be tight, so you'll need to push with some force. Work the rubber casing off of the device.

Putting the case on your iPhone

Work your way around the case to remove the rubber. Be careful with the ports, as the rubber port covers can tear easily. Method 4. Push the case off one of the corners with your thumb. The Symmetry series is one of Otterbox's simplest cases: The seal is tight, so you'll have the best luck starting from a corner and pushing the case off the edge. Otterbox recommends starting at the top edge.

Defender Series iPhone 5 case installation instruction video - OtterBox TV

Use a hard plastic card if necessary. Wedge the card under an edge of the flexible case. Lever it back and forth to pry the case away from the device enough to grasp it with your finger. Work your way around the case. Once you have a corner off, you can work your way around the edge of the case to remove it. Be careful with the port covers so that they don't get torn. Method 5. Equalize pressure on waterproof models.

OtterBox case instructions for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch | OtterBox | OtterBox

Waterproof cases form an airtight seal around your device. A change in altitude or temperature can cause a pressure change that makes removal much more difficult. If this happens, equalize pressure by inserting a coin into the gap next to the latch on front of the case, then twisting the coin. Large models have a "purge knob" on the front of the case instead, which you can turn to open and equalize pressure.

Tighten the purge knob before using the case again.

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The case is not waterproof while the knob is open. Open hinged Armor cases. Some Otterbox cases, such as the Armor series models for the iPod touch, do not separate into two parts. Instead, they open when you rotate a latch on the back of the case. The case will pop open enough to remove the phone, but the two halves remain attached at one end. Do you need to remove the plastic cover from the front of the otterbox case?

Some models have a screen cover built into the case, while others have a plastic sheet that attaches directly to the screen before the case is installed. Either way, you do not need to remove the cover to open the otterbox case. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. On the side, there should be a clasp or something to detach the two part of the phone case.

Next, you can use your nails or anything strong and thin like a credit card to take them apart.

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  • Not Helpful 12 Helpful 6. This is one of the Defender cases described above. It helps to have a hard plastic card to wedge under the flexible cover. If the snaps on the hard inner shell won't open, you can carefully pry them apart with a butter knife or flat head screwdriver. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 2. Try opening all port covers before removing the flexible case. There are Defender, Commuter, and Symmetry cases available for the Galaxy 7, so if you're not sure which you have, try all the methods above.

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    Answer this question Flag as Flag as How do I put the Otter Symmetry snap style case on? Should I install the glass screen protector first? I was moving while packing I put my phone down on the back of my husbands truck and forgot it was there. My phone! There it was in the middle of the road. I got out picked it up, it was upside down must of slide. Solid polycarbonate shell, specialized rubber slipcover and integrated screen film protect against drops, bumps and scratches.

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    Defender Series iPhone 5 case installation instruction video | OtterBox TV

    Cases Outdoor Collections Stories. View Cart 0. Search Search. More Devices. Web Specials. Dry Bags. Disney Classics. Star Wars. Style Cases. Shell Color. Slipcover Color. Original Price: On your bag or your belt, the Defender Series iPhone Holster holds your phone handy and doubles as a tabletop kickstand.