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It also allows you to download apps that are not found in app store. However, it is necessary to install the software in advance to install iTunes. It is not suitable for those who know little about software because of complex functions and interfaces on software.

If you want to change iPhone to copy old files to new iPhone, IMazing is definitely the best choice. The various file types that it can transfer are media files, images, zip files, pdf files, document files, and more. Trial version of iMazing has unlimited backups, but does not allow me to recover files from backups. It also transfers several files between device and computer for free.

More specific info in iMazing review.

FileExplorer for iPhone iPad key features

Excellent SynciOS is a professional data transfer tool, file manager and media player. You can find more info in Syncios review. Based on this review, the software can not only access files from device's storage and SD card and transfer files to PC, but also transfer files from iTunes and iCloud, but SynciOS can't Successfully detect device until iTunes is installed on computer.

Are there any gains after reading this article? If you have ideas, you can contact us via the comments section. Passionate about Smartphone products, aiming to provide useful methods as well as how-to tips to fix iPhone, iPad, Android related issues. Test results The iOS file manager can perform multiple tasks at the same time, which is a good feature.

Advantages 1. Users can access photos in different formats such as. Play videos with file types of. The iPhone file explorer can rename files and folders. Contains a list of features and audio files for all videos. Excellent simplicity and functionality. Automatically notify remaining folders from an uninstalled application. Built-in WiFi file transfer. No additional fees will be charged after purchase.

Disadvantages 1.

Top 10 Excellent iOS File Manager for iPhone/iPad Review

Some minor accidents may occur. There is no distinction between file types. Recycle bin has no option to select all content. Unable to manage files in the SD card. Test results This free iPhone file manager integrates features to help us organize and manage files. Transfer files to cloud services including iCloud in both directions. Viewing PDF files is allowed. The iOS file manager is free to use.

Multi-function collection. Does not support all iOS data types such as contacts, messages, notes, etc. Unable to transfer files using iTunes.

App Review: File Manager Pro

Test results In general, the software is very convenient to use. Transfer files between Android and iPhone via WiFi. Password protects files and folders 4. Bluetooth and WiFi sharing files 5. Can handle multiple tasks at the same time 6. The GUI is configurable. It supports all types of iOS devices Disadvantages 1. Unable to migrate files between iTunes and devices. It allows transferring files directly between iOS devices.

It syncs iOS devices with iTunes. You can delete or add apps in bulk. Many instructions and software introductions are available on the official website. It is an iOS file manager available on windows and mac.

It may take longer to download because the software supports 8 firmware in one toolkit. Test results Transfer different files with different data formats. Keyword search can save a lot of time. The list view and thumbnail view make it easy to view files. A prerequisite for using this software is that iTunes is already installed on computer. Practice has proved that iPhone notes cannot be accessed in iOS The content deleted on software will not be permanently deleted.

The iPhone & iPad File Manager & Reader

Unable to copy files between two iOS devices. Do not have a Mac version. Test results The premise of using this software is to install iTunes on computer, but since it isn't able to be updated in time, it is best not to install latest iTunes. PodTrans supports bidirectional transfer. Transfer data in the form of dragging. Convert incompatible files to files acceptable to iPod. Software specifically for iPod, not related to iPhone and iPad.

Compatible with iOS 12 and iTunes The iPhone file explorer provides email support and step tips. Can download online video and audio to the device.

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Seven supported languages. For the convenience of users, it allows viewing files in tile menu. Drag and drop files to transfer data quickly. There may be many temporary issues such as software license issues 2. Password protection can be applied to lock your files from any prying eyes. And all of these things are included in this free app. File Manager App lacks many features found in the prior two Dropbox is the only cloud service it supports , but it's free and worthy if you only need basic file management capabilities.

This app can copy, move, rename files, create new folders, and open ZIP archives.

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