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  1. Guitar Hero Live for iOS and Apple TV: Almost the full guitar experience, plus something more!
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Each month since January , a three-song pack has been released as additional content for the game. Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile includes 15 songs with the core game; one or more new songs are released each month. Guitar Hero 5 Mobile includes 20 songs, stored as MIDI files in the game, though players can download MP3 -quality versions via their mobile's data network prior to playing. IGN considered it to be a "successful adaptation" of the Guitar Hero games to the cellphone keypad. They commented that while it may be tricky to download the songs for the game, requiring the user to be persistent during the download, the sound quality was excellent and the simplification down to three buttons from five makes the game "accessible to anybody with even a passing curiosity.

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  • They considered the shortened song length a negligible downside compared to the overall package. Guitar Hero Backstage Pass was also praised for the addition of role-playing elements and smaller minigames to bring the series in line with other mobile phone games. Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile has also received similar praise to its predecessors. Both CNet and IGN commented on the improvement in sound quality for both low- and high-end phones, with songs being "instantly recognizable" on low-phones, but noted that this quality came with the tradeoff of a larger memory footprint and slow downloads of songs through the cellular networks.

    Guitar Hero 5 was seen by Pocket Gamer UK to be yet another iteration of the series on mobile platforms, though the game still stands on its own given the numerous other music-based games for mobile phones. They praised the ability to use higher-quality versions of the songs though still allowing those with limited data plans to enjoy the game with the MIDI versions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Common gameplay elements in the Guitar Hero series. Cell Play. Future US: January Robinson Technologies. Retrieved Pocket Gamer.

    Hands-On Mobile. Archived from the original on Glu Mobile. Check out our Reviews Vault for past game reviews. It feels strange, not having to power on something else in order to get a game like this to work, but it feels natural. It gives people without consoles or a PC a way to play a big-budget game, which is rarer than it should be. When hooked up to a TV, the game looks exactly as it does on consoles, except on a lower resolution. Not only can you set it up anywhere, but you can also play without the included guitar.

    For starters, GHTV has fewer features here than on any other platform. These minor things add up to a huge letdown. It played fine, but it looked like I was hitting every note a smidgen later than I was. Occasionally, connection issues will cause the game to adopt a strange resolution and fretboard see previous shot for reference. As mentioned above, the TV setup loses some important features.

    Setlist in Guitar Hero (iOS)

    And as phone-only game, it suffers from being shackled to the brand name. And for that much money, you could buy just about every other rhythm game for the iPhone and have a better time. Living Colour. Raining Blood. Cliffs of Dover. Eric Johnson.

    Guitar Hero Live loses more than it gains in the move to iPhone | VentureBeat

    The Number of the Beast Remastered Version. Iron Maiden. One Remastered. The Devil Went Down to Georgia. The Charlie Daniels Band.

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    Can't Be Saved. Senses Fail. Lacuna Coil. Don't Hold Back. The Sleeping. The Fall of Troy. Generation Rock. Go That Far. Bret Michaels. Hier kommt Alex. Die Toten Hosen. I'm in the Band. The Hellacopters. An Endless Sporadic. In the Belly of a Shark. Minus Celsius. Backyard Babies. My Curse. Killswitch Engage. Nothing for Me Here. Prayer of the Refugee.

    Rise Against. Radio Song.