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Emptying the browser caches and site data can often remedy this issue. Note that by clearing caches, cookies, and site data you will have to login again to any site you have saved a password or other customizations for. Another choice is to use a different web browser of course too, if the site loads in Chrome or Firefox or Opera but not in Safari, it may indicate a specific problem with Safari.

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Subscribe to OSXDaily. Follow OSXDaily. News - Beta 3 of iOS Now tap the Save button, or choose a different folder where to save the file, then tap Save.

Safari Running Slow on iPhone or iPad? Five Tips to Speed It Up

The file has now been saved to your Dropbox account and will be available for easy access across all your devices, such as your computer, your iPhone, iPad, etc. The steps mentioned above work great if the file you are trying to download is available publicly from a website. But things can get a little tricky if you are trying to download a file or document that is stored on a password-protected website.

Apple's slick Mac and iOS browser for PC

Here is how to use it to download a file from a password-protected site. In the top right corner of the screen, tap on the upload button. Documents 5 will then let you change the file name, if necessary, and select where you want to download the file to. From Documents 5, you will then be able to move it to iCloud or Dropbox, or Google Drive, for example.

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  8. You will also be able to share it via email. It makes downloading and moving files around a breeze. Because it can tie in to various cloud services, and let you access and move files between them, Documents 5 can be the central location for all your file handling needs.

    Make Google your search engine

    Top Sites shows a panoramic thumbnail view of your most visited sites in one screen. You simply click on the window you want to visit to go directly to the site.

    If you tend to visit the same sites on a daily basis, Top Sites is a convenient way to access them as soon as you open your browser without accessing bookmarks. It's also a good way of tracking which sites you visit most frequently and you can lock your favorite sites to one single position so that you'll always know where it is when you open Safari.

    Sites with a star in the corner denote those with new content so you can instantly see which ones have been updated. Meanwhile Cover Flow will be familiar to all iTunes users, letting you browse through your bookmarks via full page spreads of the sites as they looked the last time you browsed them.

    The principle is based on flipping through albums in iTunes.

    Download Safari - free - latest version

    Although this looks cool, its usefulness is questionable. However, History Search is useful. Just type a word and Safari reveals every single page it has cached with that word on - very useful when you can't remember where the hell you saw the name of a particular person or game. Additions such as Reader allows you to view all of your content on one page although there is no way to change the font.

    Clear Safari Cache on iPad: Simply Clear or Permanently Delete

    There's also a variety of search options for Safari's search field so you're not locked into Google. Other handy features in Safari include Tabs on Top which makes it a little easier to access and open your tabs at the very top of Safari. You can even drag and drop tabs into another Safari window. In addition to these, all the standard features in Safari remain. By clicking on the RSS tag in the URL bar, you can get a view of all the posts in a feed, which you can present chronologically and get a detailed or a title view.

    Safari has eliminated most of the bugs that originally made it awkward to use on PC and is now a very stable and user friendly browser.