Samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4 case review

It provides just a touch more head space when browsing lengthy web pages and when turned on its side, its But before I get to the display, let's take a brief tour of the hardware. Like last year's Galaxy Note 3 and the recently released Note Pro Yet, as much as I hate to admit it, this design trickery gives the Tab Pro a premium feel that sets it apart from the last generation of Galaxy Tabs, whose glossy plastic left much to be desired.

Add in some metallic accents and the Tab Pro looks like it would fit right in at a Parisian fashion house.

Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 Review

Speaking of fashion-forward looks, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Tab Pro's slender, lightweight build. Measuring 8. Scratch that: I should say hands instead, as the slate's The front of the Tab is simple and uncluttered.

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Samsung's logo is proudly displayed up top near the front-facing 2-megapixel camera. Along the bottom are the usual task-management and back navigation soft keys plus a slightly raised home button. The display takes up a large chunk of the tablet's surface, leaving a relatively slim bezel around it. Still, when holding the Tab Pro in portrait mode, my thumbs naturally rested on the screen's edge, far enough to the side that they never got in the way.

In landscape mode, however, I found myself constantly dodging the touch-sensitive soft keys, especially when settling in to watch a video.

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It's a minor enough quibble, but it might prove to be quite annoying if you're using the Tab Pro on the subway. Breaking the monotony of the faux-leather back is an 8-megapixel camera along with an LED flash.

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Meanwhile, the edges are home to the usual array of ports and buttons. In portrait mode, the 3. Last but not least, there's a microSD reader on the left side, which is absolutely crucial in a device that only comes with 16GB of internal memory there will also be a 32GB version, but the price has yet to be announced. Aside from that, the Tab Pro 8. I'll cut straight to the point: The Galaxy Tab Pro's display is gorgeous.

I was dazzled from the minute I turned it on. Like the rest of the Galaxy Tab Pro line, the 8. But, because the 8. That makes the Galaxy Tab Pro 8. Icons and images are so crisp and lifelike that they look painted on. The tablet's smaller screen did not deter from the experience at all -- in fact, its sharpness and clarity made it a downright pleasurable experience. If you want a tablet with one of the best displays on the market, you should definitely be looking at the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.

The Galaxy Tab Pro 8. It still has that familiar Android home screen we all know by now, but now, with a simple swipe to the left or right, you'll be presented with a Flipboard-style layout that shows tiles from three different sources: As we pointed out in our review of Note Pro So Magazine UX essentially is Flipboard, just without the name.

Review Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Wi-Fi Tablet - Reviews

Of those categories, your options are limited to what Samsung has picked out for you only nine apps are listed as possible choices, for example , but they at least include essentials like calendar, email, Twitter, News and Sports. Once you set them up, you can flip through them almost exactly like you can with Flipboard.

While I rather liked Magazine UX after playing around with it for a few days, its expansive tile-like layout is perhaps more well-suited for tablets with larger displays like the Note Pro On larger devices, there's room for more text in news excerpts -- you'll be able to read most of the story's lede paragraph without needing to click through to the article. That's not the case with the Tab Pro 8. Still, if you're a fan of Flipboard, you might be able to tolerate such a compromise.

Unfortunately there's no way to really disable it, but then again, it's not mapped to your home button, so it's easy to ignore. We're not done with the software flourishes just yet. As with other recent Galaxy devices, the Tab Pro has a Multi Window feature that lets you view multiple applications at once. Swipe left from the right bezel, and a tray of application shortcuts will appear. From there, you can drag and drop the apps to the main screen area.

Review: Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 (Deutsch) - SwagTab

You can resize them so that they take up two halves of your display, or simply let them float around like pop-out windows. When minimized, the windows are reduced to tiny circular icons that you can position anywhere on the screen. Samsung's Smart Screen eye-tracking features are here as well. When enabled, you can have the screen stay on and not go to sleep when you're looking at it, have a video pause automatically when you glance away or simply cause the screen to rotate to whichever mode you're looking at it.

As for input methods, the Tab Pro 8. Google's Pinyin input software is also installed if you need it. Though you can easily use the Galaxy Tab Pro to watch movies and listen to music, Samsung would like you to consider using it for more serious tasks too, if only to justify the addition of "Pro" to the product's name. Indeed, the tablet ships with a slew of business-centric apps such as WebEx, e-Meeting, Hancom Viewer for editing documents and Remote PC, a feature that lets you remotely control your PC or Mac from your tablet.

If you just can't get enough Samsung apps, there's the Samsung App Store in addition to the usual Google Play storefront and, well, it's exactly what it sounds like. With a 2. And after spending some serious quality time with the tablet, I have to agree. Swiping and flipping around the tablet's various apps and screens felt gloriously smooth for the most part, and launching most software took mere seconds. For example, in just under two seconds, I was able to launch the camera app and start taking photographs. Snapping pictures is practically instantaneous as well, which is great if you need to capture that perfect moment.

I was especially impressed with how the Tab Pro fared during multitasking.

I launched several apps using Samsung's Multi Window feature, with two taking up the entire screen and a few more pop-up windows hovering above. I did things like surf the web with Chrome, play YouTube videos, check email and chat with friends using Hangouts all at the same time. And on the whole, I was able to do these tasks without serious issues.

I even tried playing two or three videos simultaneously with YouTube, Chrome and the built-in video player , and to my surprise, the videos didn't stutter at all. That said, the more apps I launched, the more the performance started to lag; resizing windows and moving them around took a bit more patience than usual if you recall, the same thing happened when we tested the Note Pro Chrome also crashed once during my little multi-window experiment.

While I wouldn't recommend using Multi Window all the time, it's at least robust enough for occasional, lighter use. As for the device's speakers, I was pleasantly surprised by how loud and rich the stereo speakers sound. At the top and bottom of the screen is a nicely-sized bezel that does help with landscape handling, but with the capacitive keys so close to the bottom edge of the device, you might trigger those buttons accidentally from time to time.

The 8. Samsung proves its prowess once again with a screen that really exudes its colors well and provides wonderful viewing angles. Everything from YouTube videos to Netflix, to even games, like my current obsession, Riptide GP2, look and perform great without any issues. To put it mildly, the Galaxy TabPro 8. Our extensive testing revealed very few hiccups, with some stutter.

Web browsing with multiple tabs, multitasking, and copy and pasting on this professional grade device were all a real pleasure. That being said, TouchWiz, even this slightly updated version, has its issues with speed and occasionally stutters. Hardware takes on a media motif first with its microSD card slot that can bolster the 16 GB or 32 GB in-built storage, which always an advantage for people big on media.

Dual speakers, that are found on the bottom of the tablet near the microUSB charging port, perform quite decently actually. Samsung does love to add on as much as they can, so along with the usual bevy, you also get an IR blaster for WatchOn. Think of a stretched out Flipboard to imagine what the Magazine UX is like, as it is a front-end to what you would basically find in the Flipboard app. It is pretty easy to set up for news sources and social media feeds.

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  • Even with the move to circular buttons in the power widget, not much as changed. The size makes it a shoo-in for e-book reading while the nimble weight and size make it about as portable as it can get. Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued.