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The first holds functions related to phone numbers editing, choosing category, or, if you like, groups. The distinctive feature here is that one and the same entry can be assigned to several categories at a time may prove useful when dealing with bulk mailing. The second tab contains date of birth, status in company, position, address several fields , and work address. As you can see, the only option differing from the standard set is the tab with a text note. When viewing an entry you can initiate creation of a new message for the selected number in one touch in the pop-up window you should choose the type: SMS or MMS , and in case you have picked an e-mail address, the built-in mail client automatically starts up.

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And owing to the fact that three keys double as shortcuts here, the device feels much better in operation. A built-in contact manager is also available in the handset — it allows the user to send the selected entries categories to other devices over IrDA or Bluetooth, also the phone supports vCard 2. This way, you can receive entries from other devices exactly in a similar fashion. The photos, applied to contacts in the phonebook can be displayed in various modes tile, stretch , which makes for better picture quality in various modes.

The quality of the phonebook is fairly good and will satisfy even the most demanding user. Integration with the built-in applications is next to the deepest possible, which makes the smartphone even of easier to use. Even when working single handedly, you won't experience any difficulties with scrolling through the list, choosing a number and dialing it. Holding the numeric keys down activates search in the phonebook, which can be conducted by several letters. As an addition, you can set up to 9 numbers for speed dialing, which will be followed by the matching names and photos if any on the display.

The dialing process is carried out in the following manner: When at the standby screen, switching between dialing a number numeric keys and fast dialing numbers is done in one touch by pressing the corresponding icon. All incoming messages, saving for e-mails, are stored in one folder — Inbox. The data, located in Inbox can be later on saved in any other folder — the handset ensures unlimited access to the file system except for the system folders.

In return, the user is at liberty to create own folders and sort messages in them. The root of Messaging menu features the list of all mail accounts separately under Inbox folder — e. This standard is fully supported in the handset, just like we have come to expect from it. The concatenated messages are listed as one, when typing they are displayed in a standard manner e. When you start inputting a word, which was featured in the previous messages, you will be offered either to choose it, or continue typing. Among other traits we shall note on-the-go register switch — first letter is always capital, though you can turn this option off.

Also text smiles can be displayed as respective icons in the ordinary messages.

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A particular message can be sent to a number of contacts at once, all you need to do in this case is check the required entries or certain numbers of a contact. Bulk mailing can be performed for groups as well. MMS-message creation - one of the best things about it is that several tabs are available here, via which you can choose the time-out between the pages and create templates of your own. Besides the standard files graphics, video, images, music etc.

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All other options are run-of-the-mill here — choosing contacts at the recipient window is similar to SMS-messages, though MMS also features reading report in addition to the standard delivery report. For all types of messages, including e-mail, you can perform a search by fragments of text — the window displays search results and provides for the possibility of switching to a certain message outright.

All received settings are saved in respective sections. Email client. It has undergone no serious changes compared with the Sony Ericsson Pi, the only difference is that the Push Mail item has become standard and is featured in the menu. What follows is all standards supported by the OS:.

All settings of the mail client are easy to adjust — you set whether it should upload entire messages or only headlines as an option, it can download a certain part of messages, not exceeding certain size set in Kb. There is also a possibility of setting how many messages Inbox folder can hold at a time — once this number is reached, uploading will be paused automatically. There is also an option for checking mail boxes at certain time spans. By default UIQ uses Latin 1 character set.

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Though the developers can add other character sets, thus Sony Ericsson will also feature local character sets for some regions is also on that list. All attachments are handled by the mail client with ease— they can be uploaded and then saved. If an attachment uses a format, supported by the smartphone, it may be opened and what is more the attachment receives a corresponding icon.

There are no restrictions on file size — none that you should observe. The calendar provides not only the convetional monthly and daily views, but also weekly mode. In this appearance a week is presented as two columns with respective days filled in them, where each square features scheduled events. This mode is rather handy and allows the user to quickly estimate how busy he is during the week to come. When number of events for a particular day exceeds five, not all of them get listed outright.

In the month-view all dates which events are scheduled for, are marked with corresponding icons put to the right of the number. There are four types of events o —appointments, reminders, anniversaries, all-day events. All events may be set to be repeatable, for each of them you can pick up a certain alarm tone. The organizer supports vCalendar, version 1. In real-life this means the possibility of sending a request for a meeting, using the mail client. In the latter case the message, saved in Inbox folder is automatically redirected to the Oraganiser and shown in the calendar as a stand-alone event.

Though the function seems to be somewhat new right now, soon enough, say, in half a year, it may become relevant for small third-party developers and all the leading manufacturers. Naturally, the handset supports reception of such messages as well, which, after being looked through, are saved in the calendar. To-Do list. All entries in the Organizer and To-Do list are inter-transferable within the bounds of these two sections. Much like the Organizer, the user can create a backup copy of the To-Do list on the external memory card. You can create any number of categories, which all entries will be sorted by.

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The priority may vary from 1 to 3 low, normal, high , also you can set start and due dates, alarm tone choosing the tone is up to the user, since he can apply any signal. You can sort the general list by categories, completion status list of completed tasks may be hidden , due date and priority. Alarm Clocks. This function works exactly in the same way as in the previous models — you are enabled to set up several alarm clocks to go off on at different time, at that you can adjust reoccurrence for particular days and apply any desired ring tone.

Flight Mode. Similarly to other smartphones, the handset can work with the network part disabled — in this mode Bluetooth becomes unavailable either. Unfortunately, SIM-less operation is not possible with the P1i. Connections manager. One of the things characterizing UIQ 3. The following standards can play the role of the gates: From the menu the line with an arrow in the status bar at the bottom you can check connection time, amount incoming and outgoing data, current connection status, number of applications, using a particular connection at the given moment.

You can also cut off or link up any connection from this menu. The capability for several applications to work with one and the same connection at once cannot be overestimated, since it creates a real multitasking environment, where one can simultaneously watch streaming video, check mail boxes and send messages. Office applications. This section holds all office applications; by default there are four of them except for the organizer, which is a standard program. The first item on the menu features Notes, which can be either text type with any desirable method, txt extension is also supported or scribbled.

You can view these documents both in standard and landscape modes. Actually, this application has been available for various versions of OS, including platform 60, for several years now. Nokia has also installed this program on a number of its devices. This app also retails for around 25 USD. QuickOffice — another third-party application, which was selected by UIQ as a default app for the third edition and comes along with the standard package there is a version for the previous editions if UIQ available, sells for 50 USD.

The program itself is an editor, which recognizes is and capable of opening and editing MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents. Complicated types of formatting, used by desktop computers, are frequently not saved in files, edited on smartphones this goes not only for QuickOffice, but all other devices powered by Windows Mobile as well.

Voice — A sound recorder, which allows making voice notes only when in standby mode , you are also at liberty to choose the format, which all recordings will be made in. Review of GSM/UMTS-smartphone Sony Ericsson P1i

It was announced on 8 May The phone uses the UIQ 3. It is slightly thicker than the M as a result of the new hardware features, but this is reportedly largely indiscernible. The boot speed, when compared to the P , is also discernibly faster. The P1 uses the form factor of the M and consequently shares its screen size of 2. However, due to the new transflective layer on its LCD display, legibility under direct sunlight has been improved on the P1. This addresses a common problem faced by owners of the P The P1 model was rated among the most green phones , alongside the Sony Ericsson Ti and Nokia N95 in the report Searching for green electronics [4].

Sony Ericsson P1i

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. UIQ Technology. When it became clear that production would actually be compromised for months, Ericsson was faced with a serious shortage. Ericsson, which had been in the mobile phone market for decades, and was the world's third largest cellular telephone handset maker at the time behind Nokia and Motorola , was struggling with huge losses and decreasing market share. We wouldn't be as successful in networks if we didn't have phones". Sony was a marginal player in the worldwide mobile phone market with a share of less than 1 percent in By August , the two companies had finalised the terms of the merger announced in April.

Ericsson contributed a majority of the Ericsson Mobile Communications company, excluding a minor part spun off as Ericsson Mobile Platforms. Sony contributed its entire handset division. The company was to have an initial workforce of 3, employees. Sony Ericsson's strategy was to release new models capable of digital photography as well as other multimedia capabilities such as downloading and viewing video clips and personal information management capabilities.

To this end, it released several new models which had built-in digital camera and colour screen which were novelties at that time - examples include the Sony Ericsson T , the P UIQ smartphone, and later the K handset. The joint venture continued to make bigger losses in spite of booming sales - however it paid off as Sony Ericsson made its first profit in [22] and in the following years steadily increased handset sales.

The joint venture was regarded to have been a success. In , Sony Ericsson introduced the Ki with a 2 megapixel camera, as well as its platform mate, the Wi , the first of the Walkman phones capable of 30 hours of music playback. In , the company's first 5-Megapixel camera phone, the Sony Ericsson Ki , was announced followed in by the C , the world's first 8. On January 2, , Sony Ericsson announced in Stockholm that it would have some of its mobile phones made in India, and that its two outsourcing partners, Flextronics and Foxconn would manufacture ten million mobile phones per year by CEO Miles Flint announced at a press conference held with India's communications minister Dayanidhi Maran in Chennai that India was one of the fastest growing markets in the world and a priority market for Sony Ericsson with million users of GSM mobile telephones.

Sony Ericsson's handset shipments fell from a high of The eclipse of the Symbian operating system, initially by Apple's iPhone, and then by Google 's Android , has affected Sony Ericsson's position in the market. The company also struggled following the launch of Apple's iPhone in the third quarter of In June , Sony Ericsson had about 8, employees, it then launched a cost-cutting program and by the end of it had slashed its global workforce by around 5, people.

The transaction's completion was expected to occur in January On January 26, , the European Union approved the buyout. Sony Mobile Communications decided to phase out all the feature non-smart phones by September and focus completely on the smartphones segment.

Review of GSM/UMTS-smartphone Sony Ericsson P1i

Sony Mobile was the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer by market share in the fourth quarter of with 9. On July 2, , Sony announced it was buying Gaikai, a cloud service to support its expansion into the cloud gaming realm. Both were unveiled at the IFA In the last quarter of , Sony Mobile had the highest per-handset-profit and average selling price of all major Android handset manufacturers.

Sony Mobile has been the only major smartphone OEM that has given support to developing communities of smaller, hacker-focused mobile operating systems during this time. As of Q2 , Sony Mobile's smartphone market share in Japan was As of that year, Sony Ericsson had employees in Research Triangle Park; the staff had been reduced by hundreds due to layoffs. Sony Ericsson will close the Research Triangle site.

Sony Ericsson originally Ericsson was part of the Symbian Ltd. By this time, Sony Ericsson switched all its focus on Google's Android operating system. Since all products by Sony Mobile have been in the Xperia range and running the Android OS - the Xperia X10 model launched in was the first to feature this. In Sony Ericsson carried a range of mid and high-end Android smartphones all using the same SoC , only differentiating in form factor, screen size and multimedia capabilities. Although in the phones already carried the Sony brand on them, they were still mostly developed by Sony Ericsson, as can be seen from the green logo on the back of handsets like the Xperia S and Xperia T.

The line-up in brought an entirely different design of phones, first seen on the Xperia Z smartphone, and called 'OmniBalance' roughly translated as 'balance everywhere' by Sony. Sony then Sony Ericsson has been making Bluetooth enabled watches from as early as Its successor was the Sony SmartWatch in , of which two newer revisions have been made since. In a fitness tracking band, named SmartBand , was introduced. Sony Mobile offers a wide range of applications, ranging from music and videos to camera and gaming apps.

On 2 October , Sony Ericsson adopted a new corporate and advertising identity inspired by I Love New York in which the circular Sony Ericsson icon is placed instead of a heart meaning "love". This would then be followed by words, initially simple ones such as "music" or "photography" and later by for instance "my hip hop loud" or "life captured". The branding was designed by the Wolff Olins consultancy. The company aims to capitalise on this fanbase and increase engagement by profiling these fans and matching them to dedicated content. It will also analyse the top commenters on the Facebook page and ensure engagement through special content and offering these fans the chance to visit Sony Ericsson offices.

Our promise to fans is to enrich their experience during the game but also before and after. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Smartphones Wearables Systems Smart devices. Companies portal. Sony Xperia Blog. July 5, Retrieved August 13, Retrieved January 7, Cision Wire. Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved October 1,