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Runs good on smooth lighting and fancy graphics with occasional very slight lag. Tested with mcpe 0. Does not work after March 14 update, 0. Slightly laggy,enough to be noticed,but not enough to affect gameplay heavily.

Ricerche Simili

Fancy graphics and max render settings on. Infinite world. Problem occurs even when fancy graphics,beautiful skies and render settings are set to low. Slight lag on autosaving while using fancy graphics and hosting a server, but otherwise lag free. Works smoothly with all fancy graphics options on. Works very smooth with fancy graphics.

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Only maximum render distance can cause fps drops when chunks load. Tested on version 0.

Sony Xperia E3 Dual

I recommend having the render distance at half, although if there isn't many buildings around go for the full render. Lags more when there is a massive spawn for example in multiplayer. Tried with MineCraft 0. Tested on hardware version with factory apps and no root or overclock. No lag on highest settings. On version 0. At notch 3, game noticeably dips into the 40 fps and at full View Distance - although it looks spectacular on a ppi glossy screen - the game hovers around 20 to 35 fps.


Worth noting that frame delivery is very consistent: Stock ROM, no overclocking. Device tested with Power Saver disabled and plugged into mains power. For no lag install CyanogenMod 4. Runs flawlessly with fancy graphics and highest settings.


No lag at all, very smooth. Works great on fancy graphics, but gets hot after a couple of minutes. Drains the battery pretty quickly as well. Runs Good on non-fancy graphics and in normal render distance. Tested With mcpe 0. No problems except for the inability to launch the app in Alpha 0. No overclock or custom ROMs. Old versions have lag. Use a custom ROM for better experience. Runs flawlessly on fancy graphics plus additional settings. Only lags when there are lots of entities in the area.

Demand great fun

No lag at all when loading world or chunks. Stock rom and phone. Small lag spikes on fancy and smooth lighting, runs great with both off.

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  8. Also, performs better when bloatware removed from Stock ROM after rooting. Running stock rom with mt's kernel. Works perfectly, -Graphic Settings: View Distance: ON, Beautiful skies: ON, Animated water: Works fine on fancy graphics. Will lag a bit with high render distance due slightly low RAM. WP Prezzo al pubblico: Custodia impermeabile con laccio da collo Protezione: PVC Prodotto fornito in bulk Prodotto compatibile con: Accedi Registrati.

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